Innovación, calidad y compromiso

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Asphalt Technology, is a Spanish company dedicated to design and manufacturing public works equipment.


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Corporate Information

Direct collaboration with engineering and construction companies has allowed us to develop our own technology, in order to ensure the best service, pre-sales and after-sales to our customers.

Our mission is to develop the best technology and engineering design for your Company and to ensure your success.
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Main TPA and ASF Areas

  • Modified Bitumen Production.
  • Big-Bags Bitumen Smelter.
  • Thermal Fluid Boiler.
  • Emulsions Production.
  • Storages.

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Commercialize and production of public works machinery.
Fabrication and assembly of asphalt machinery.
Realization of reforms, with a previous study to improve and update asphalt plants.
Design and construction of complete asphalt plants.

We have many years experience in this field and we offer a broad range of products, service and support.

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Technical Support Department
Professional Strong Team providing:
Pre-sales and Post-sales technical support.
We repair our own equipment and also the machinery produced by other companies.


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